TFG and the MAGAt Cult Claim Biden’s Justice Department “Authorized the FBI to Use Deadly (Lethal) Force” During Search on Mar a Lago

As with any day ending in a “Y,” TFG and his MAGAt KKKult’s hair is on fire over the latest and bogus claim that President Biden and “his” DoJ/FBI “authorized the FBI to use deadly (lethal) force” when the agency searched TFG’s Mar a Lago residence and retrieved classified documents TFG took when he left office. TFG posted on “Truth” Social the following and of course, the most vile of the vilest MAGAts jumped on the MAGAt short bus to promote his latest bogus claim:

MAGAt Fake News Reports:

Reality Check:

DoJ’s Policies:


Unsealed motions in Trump’s Fla. case suggest new evidence of possible obstruction

The long-shot motions, which were strongly opposed by prosecutors, claim the indictment should be dismissed because of improper investigatory tactics.

A federal judge in Florida on Tuesday unsealed two motions that were filed months ago by Donald Trump in his classified documents case and that she has not yet ruled on — part of a backlog that could delay the case beyond November’s presidential election.

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