The Libertarian Convention Devolves into Fighting and Obscenities Over Trump, RFK Jr. Gets Applauded

Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at the Libertarian Convention on Saturday evening, but it does’t appear that he will be speaking to his usual cultish, MAGA-friendly crowd.

When delegates gathered at the Washington Hilton the evening before TFG’s bigly appearance, the party’s decision to bring in Robert Kennedy Jr. and Trump prompted revolt, with shouting protesters lividly denouncing Trump’s invasion of the Libertarian Convention.

The proposal for Donald Trump to go f*** himself came from this guy, Kaelan Dreyer, a Libertarian from New Mexico. Dreyer inspired punches and was led out of the venue.

“The vast majority of Libertarian Party members are not happy with this invitation,” said Bill Redpath, a 40-year veteran of the Libertarian Party and a former national party chair who’s helped organize their presidential ballot access for decades. “There are some people who call Trump the most Libertarian president of our lifetimes. That’s utterly ridiculous.”

“He has some libertarian instincts for sure. Anti-war is big,” said Jeff Yass, who has also praised Trump for his support for education reform policies, which the two have spoken about. “But anti-immigrant, anti-free trade are not good.”


Trump faces this potential hostility as he appeals to the Libertarians to help him box out a growing, third-party threat from Kennedy’s independent presidential campaign.

Kennedy did speak, and was cheered.

Trump is seeing resistance not only from rank-and-file Libertarians, but also from well-known leaders in the party, including Rand Paul, son of former Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Last month, Rand Paul appeared on Kennedy’s podcast, and in February, Kennedy announced that he supported Paul to be the next Senate GOP leader when Minority Leader Mitch McConnell retires after this legislative session.