Millions face severe weather risk today and tomorrow — tornadoes, severe storms, hail, flooding, searing heat, lightening and wind

A tornado destroys a Texas gas station filled with people; storms tore through the central US on Saturday night damaging trees and property in Mayfield, Kentucky; the [Memorial Day] Indy 500 is delayed due to lightening risk, a “particularly dangerous situation,” a rare designation indicating the possibility of exceptionally strong storms, is given by the NWS and several tornadoes – a few intense ones likely – are predicted over an area that includes cities such as North Texas, Wichita, Kansas, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, according to the Storm Prediction Center.
“Violent tornadoes, extreme hail and corridors of widespread wind damage” are most likely within this area, according to the SPC (Storm Prediction Center), but could extend beyond it. Anywhere from Texas through Nebraska to the Mississippi Valley could encounter storms unloading strong wind gusts, hail and tornadoes.

Robust thunderstorms will continue over parts of the Mississippi Valley through Sunday morning before gradually losing their strength. But a new round of damaging storms is expected to arrive quickly after.
Thunderstorms will develop over portions of the Midwest by Sunday afternoon and develop farther south and east through the evening and overnight hours. Powerful storms could ultimately stretch from the Great Lakes to the South Sunday night.

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