January 6 Convict Removed From Fauci Hearing

Two pieces of human garbage somehow ended up sitting behind Dr. Anthony Fauci during Monday’s congressional hearing on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ivan Raiklin, Dr. Fauci, and Brandon Fellows

As Dr. Fauci was describing the credible death threats against himself and his family, he choked up when mentioning his daughters, while craven assholes Ivan Raiklin and Brandon Fellows made faces behind him. 

Fellows was eventually removed by Capitol Police from the hearing, as he yelled on his way out that Dr. Fauci should be in prison.

Speaking of prison…

Brandon Fellows, 30, a New York chimney repairman, was sentenced on February 27, 2024 to 42 months in prison for his role in the January 6 insurrection. After breaking into the Capitol, Fellows sat at Senator Jeff Merkley’s desk and smoked marijuana in his office while putting his feet up on the desk. 

Fellows represented himself in his trial before Trump-appointed Judge Trevor McFadden added 5 additional months to his prison sentence for contempt of court for yelling at the jury foreman during the reading of his misdemeanor and felony guilty verdict.

Given credit for time served, Fellows had been incarcerated since July 2021, and was released from prison on May 20, but remains on probation. McFadden’s parting words to Fellows were, “I hope you grow up.”

Also, meet Michael Flynn associate, Ivan Raiklin, who sat behind Dr. Fauci during the congressional hearing.

And here we thought that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s performative theatrics during the hearing were the low point of the hearing.