MAGA Demands Mistrial After Judge Merchan Notifies of Troubling Facebook Post About Juror

MAGAts are calling for a mistrial in the Manhattan criminal case after Judge Juan Merchan, apparently out of an abundance of caution, notified both the prosecutors and defense counsel of a Facebook post alleging that a juror discussed Trump’s verdict outside of the courthouse.

Meidas Touch breaks it down:

On May 20th, the NY Courts Facebook page posted about their chat with Judge Jeffrey K. Oing for their Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Diversity Dialogue. These posts often attract racist trolls and bigots in the comments. 

Among the replies in the chat was from a poster going by the name “Michael Anderson,” who is self-described as a “professional shitposter” in the profile bio. The account also has a header that reads, “Facebook, wasting peoples lives since 2004.” The account also claims his nickname is “fuck you.”

“Thank you for all your hard against the MAGA crazies! My cousin is a juror on Trumps criminal case and they’re going to convict him tomorrow according to her. 🙏Thank you New York courts!!!! ❤️”

MAGA went wild with the news.

Meidas Touch detectives went to work to debunk the theory. Looks like MAGA got punked.

So called shit posters are often attracted to extreme individuals either to extol them or to use them to attack others. What we are looking at here is likely a deranged individual who posts online to get a rise out of others.  Because the case and nature of the comments is important, Judge Merchan is informing both parties out of an abundance of caution. 


Meanwhile, Trump is still a convicted felon, and for fun, here’s the moment Kimberly Gargoyle Guilfoyle received the news.

Newsweak, Meidas Touch