Central Park ‘Karen’ Gets Her Dog Back

June 4, 2020 Surley

Previously on NV Law Amy Cooper, also known as ‘Central Park Karen’, willingly surrendered her cocker spaniel, Henry, to a rescue group last month after birdwatcher Christian Cooper (no relation) filmed the woman alerting police MORE


Trump finally gets his Stupid Wall

June 4, 2020 Ms. G

Trump finally gets his Stupid Wall that he’s whined about for several years; except, it’s not on the southern border as he wanted but around the White House, the PEOPLE’S HOUSE. Oh, and Mexico isn’t MORE


Rand Paul Holds Up Lynching Bill

June 4, 2020 PMSwithESP

Senator Rand Paul wants a lynching bill to be clarified before he can vote for a quick passage. The House passed the bill in February, but Paul said on Wednesday that he thought it was MORE