Another Texas Republican joins the “Texodus” movement

Texas Republican Kenny Marchant announced he will retire from Congress. Marchant joins Reps. Olson, Conaway, and Will Hurd, the only black Republican in the House in the growing exodus—or “Texodus,” as members of the Democratic Party have characterized the parade of departures.

In 2018, Marchant won reelection with just 50.6% of the vote. As Texas’ demographics continue to change, the Democratic Party will focus more closely on the state to retain the House of Representatives.

Registered Democrats voted in record numbers last fall. Senator Ted Cruz faced a tough challenge from Beto O’Rourke and only beat him by 2.6 percentage points.

Several other incumbents from both Chambers of Congress have announced they will not seek re-election. The majority have a R after his or her name.

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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