Tucker Carlson ‘Whitesplains’ that White Supremacy is a hoax.

On the his show last night, Tucker Carlson claimed that White Supremacy is “a hoax” and “a conspiracy theory used to divide the country.” Tucker, who is well known for spewing the same rhetoric as what the alleged shooter in El Paso wrote in his hate filled manifesto, claimed it is “just a lie” to say Trump ever “endorsed white supremacy or came close to endorsing white supremacy.”

Perhaps if Tucker told the facts about White Supremacy, he might alienate a very large chunk of his audience.  However, FBI Director Chris Wray recently testified that his agency “has made about 100 arrests for domestic terrorism in the first three quarters of this year—and most were linked to some form of white supremacy.

“Needless to say, we take domestic terrorism or hate crime, regardless of ideology, extremely seriously,” Wray said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. He said the number of arrests so far this year is higher than in 2018.

On Tuesday’s edition of “All In With Chris Hayes,” Hayes played a montage of Fox News segments and other right wing propagandists spewing the one word that stuck out the most in the alleged shooter’s manifesto and used by Trump quite frequently, “invasion.” 

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