Michigan police officer placed on leave for KKK memorabilia

Michigan police officer Charles Anderson has been placed on indefinite administrative leave after an African-American couple found racist memorabilia while touring his house, which is up for sale.

“The Muskegon man, Rob Mathis, posted on Facebook that he and his wife saw Confederate flags in the house and garage, and a framed “Application for citizenship” to the Ku Klux Klan on a wall in a bedroom. Mathis posted a picture of the framed KKK document on Facebook.”

Mathis did not name the officer but warned him that he knew who he was and would expose his racism.

Mathis and his wife wanted a bigger home with more land for their kids and grandkids but left the home the moment they saw the KKK application.

In 2009, Officer Anderson was cleared of any wrongdoing after fatally shooting a black man during a a traffic stop. Anderson feared for his life after receiving numerous blows to the head after the two men scuffled. Anderson eventually shot Julius Johnson in self defense.

“Muskegon County Prosecutor Tony Tague said Anderson could have died in the attack and that evidence gathered from the investigation showed Anderson was ‘justified in using deadly force.’

“The incident in Michigan comes amid a recent uptick in law enforcement and government agencies, from St. Louis police to the State Department, addressing allegations of officers and other officials accused of promoting white supremacy, racism or violence.”

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