Self-Proclaimed White Nationalist exits Georgia’s Congressional Race

On Saturday, Donnie Bolena, an admitted White Nationalist running to unseat Rep. Lucy McBath, D-Marietta in Georgia’s Sixth District, dropped out of the race after identifying himself as “a white nationalist.”

After coming out as a White Nationalist, Bolena claimed Fulton County Republican Party and even Trump’s re-election campaign asked him to step down.

In a video posted on Facebook, Bolena said: “I was told, ‘Donnie, if you stay in it, and CNN breaks this story, you’re going to hurt President Trump, and you’re going to hurt District 6, and you’re going to hurt the country. They will use this to destroy every Republican.’”

Bolena also claimed his Facebook account was hacked by some women who accused him of making “filthy” online propositions to her – which he denied doing. “That was a hack,” he said.

He also double downed on his White Nationalism and said:

“I said, I am so sick of being attacked for being white. Why are white people apologizing for being white?…I don’t see no black people out there apologizing for being black. And I don’t see no Asian people out there apologizing for being Asian. I don’t get it.”

According to AJC, Donnie Bolena has moved on, dropped the White Nationalist label, and started a new Facebook page called, The Ultra Conservative Party.  Perhaps, the Super-Duper, Uber Conservative Party  name was already taken.

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