DARK: Cerebral Sci-Fi that requires your full attention

There are a few Netflix gems out there that may not be a choice because you know, why bother if it is dubbed. It can’t be good, right?

DARK might actually surprise you. The three — now in its 2nd — season German time-travelling story will require nothing less than your your full attention. While the show can be watched dubbed, doing it in the original language and subtitles will not only improve the viewing experience but also aid with keeping track of the shows complex and deep character development.

There have been many people comparing this show to Stranger Things, but this is doing the show a great disservice. The only casual similarity this show has is an 80’s settings and disappearing kids that is mildly reminiscent of that. Any comparison really ends there though.

DARK is an intricately woven time-travel story that centers around the lives of four families in the small town of Winden Germany, as kidnappings take place. The families slowly discover they have more in common than they ever realized.

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