Portland braces for clashes between far right hate groups and Antifa

Portland police are preparing for hundreds of people with opposing political views to converge on a downtown waterfront park. Police fear the gathering could result in massive street brawls.

“Mayor Ted Wheeler and Chief Danielle Outlaw have vowed to use the full force of the law against anyone committing acts of violence or vandalism and ordered that none of the nearly 1,000 sworn police officers would have the day off.

More than two dozen other agencies, including the Oregon State Police and the FBI, will help local authorities. “

The event is organized by members of The Proud Boys but police are on the lookout for “other affiliated far-right and white nationalist groups from across the country.” They also believe the event may not draw as many people because of “heightened attention to large gatherings in the wake of the (recent) mass shootings.”

No one has a permit to hold this rally.

Trump weighed and reiterated his desire to declare Antifa an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.”

He did not state the same about the far right, White Nationalist groups who organized the event.

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