Trump Nominates Advocate of ‘Ethnonationalism’ for Lifetime Judgeship

Trump nominates judge who argued countries are stronger if everyone is same ethnic group

Lawyer Steven Menashi is accused of promoting ‘highbrow argument for racial purity.’

So once again Trump (who is totally not racist!) does something incredibly racist by promoting a lawyer with all this white purity baggage that is mixed up in pseudo-intellectual analysis.  And when called out on his bullshit racial science claims, Menashi appeared to contradict himself, calling ethnic purity ‘dangerous.’

Robert McCaw, the council’s director of government affairs, called his appointment “unconscionable” at a time when “our nation confronts the growing threat of white supremacy and white nationalism”.  He added: “American democracy is founded on the principle that our rich national diversity is to be celebrated and that we as a people are united by our shared experiences and principles, not by our race or ethnicity.”

Right wing defenders attacked Maddow instead of taking issue with Menashi, and perhaps unsurprisingly accused the MSNBC host of racism herself for “smearing” the nominee.

Sources: The Independent, MSNBC

Article submitted by: Sheltomlee