Forget 8Chan; Here’s How Big Far Right Social Network Gab Has Gotten (Again)…

Hours before a mass shooter killed 11 people inside the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh in 2018, he posted an anti-Muslim rant to his account on Gab, a little-known social network that sold itself on protecting free speech.

Gab was quickly forced offline when domain service providers, hosting companies and a slew of payment companies all pulled support for the site. Many saw it as the beginning of the end for a website that was branded an “online cesspool” of antisemitism, hate speech and racism.

But Gab didn’t die. In fact, it has thrived.

It was back online within a week and has stayed online. Last month it migrated its entire infrastructure to a decentralized platform after the El Paso shooter posted his own rant on Gab.. ”

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