Trump: “I hardly knew the nut job who was my Communications Director”

***Just like his rallies, I will treat Trump’s Twitter outbursts in the same manner—BLOG ABOUT THEM.  They’re not news unless he announces some policy decision (read: wild hair up his ass) or he makes some official announcement.  But, these petty, playground scquabbles that no sane man in his 70s would engage in, just gives me another opportunity to mock the guy.  Plus, Anthony ‘Guido’ Scaramucci is just too hard for me to resist.

While fears of a looming recessions grow more real each day and threats of White Supremacist violence keeps rising and no one seems to care, what does our fearless leader do?  He takes to twitter to continue his school yard fight with Anthony “the Mooch” Scaramucci whom he barely knew.

The Mooch is all over the airwaves criticizing his former boss of 11 days to whomever will provide him a platform to do so. It appears many in the media have given The Mooch way too much airtime lately.

This morning, The Mooch discussed on CNN’s New Day that he is in the process of putting together a coalition of like minded people to break away from Trump. It’s not another branch of the “Never Trump” coalition but something new, unique, and different.

He also suggested that whomever they can get to primary Trump should skipper Iowa, NH, and SC and focus on the larger states.

Trump responded on Twitter this morning by calling him an “unstable nut job” and bringing Mooch’s family into the mix as well.

Without any evidence to back his claim, Trump tweeted that the Democratic Party is trying to “will” the economy to crash.

But, his approval numbers are up–bigly. They’re not.

Even Rasmussen has him at 43 percent.

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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