DNC again rejects a debate dedicated to Climate Change

Following Governor Inslee’s exit from the crowded, 2020 Democratic Party’s field of presidential candidates, Climate Change activists have, once again, approached the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to hold a debate focused solely on the issue.

Thursday, the DNC’s resolutions committee held a vote to revise their debate guidelines to have a debate focusing on Climate Change; it failed 17-8.

DNC Chair Tom Perez and other party leaders do not want to change the guidelines to focus on single issue items. However, the DNC does permit candidates to hold town halls or other forums to focus on single issues.

In June, Tom Perez posted on a blog, “If we change our guidelines at the request of one candidate who has made climate change their campaign’s signature issue, how do we say no to the numerous other requests we’ve had? “How do we say no to other candidates in the race who may request debates focused on an issue they’ve made central to their own campaigns?”

Activists can bring up the measure again at the party’s general session later this weekend.

More than a dozen presidential candidates will address party delegates this weekend in San Francisco, giving many an opportunity to mingle with activists and Democratic insiders from across the country ahead of primary voting.

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