Trump boards the bigly airplane to France: G7

Hey Europe! Can you guys keep them, please?!?!

On his way to the G-7 meeting in France, Trump answered a few questions from the press, since we no longer have press conferences, and made a few comments.

New format, bullet points:

  • On tariffs:
News Views has numerous threads up on Trump’s Tariff War with China.

Trump said he would not stop his hand picked, head of the Fed Jay Powell if he chose to resign:

We have his “expert opinion “on China covered, good.
  • The DOW dropped -623.34 points today but that’s fine because it’s doing much better than Obama’s DOW.
  • In a smidgeon of humanity, Trump offers ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ to Justice Ginsburg.
More fact-freeonsense.
  • Trump clarifies his “chosen one’ statement:

“You know exactly what I meant. It was sarcasm. It was joking, we were all smiling. And a question like that is just fake news.”

What to watch for at the G-7 Summit:

  • Potential for tensions on trade, economy 
  • How G-7 reacts to Trump’s proposal on Russia
  • Climate high on the agenda 
  • First face-to-face with Boris Johnson
  • Can everyone just get along? 
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