African-American employee’s office vandalized at Dept. of Education

Earlier this week, an African-American employee with the US Department of Education had her office vandalized; other employees claim the act was racially motivated.

According to a few employees and a congressional aid, African art figurines were found beheaded and dismembered. A poster of Ruby Bridges, an African American schoolgirl who became an icon of the civil rights movement, was found torn from the wall of the office and damaged.

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos reacted quickly to the vandalism, department officials said.”

“We can confirm there was an incident involving an employee’s personal belongings on the third floor,” Angela Morabito, an Education Department spokesperson, said. “Secretary DeVos took immediate action, including referring the case to Federal Protective Services for a comprehensive investigation, increasing building security, and most importantly, ensuring the impacted employee was supported.”

Employees do not believe the lady who occupies the office had any involvement in a personal feud or conflict with other employees. However, sources said she recently was “designated as a ‘diversity change agent’ within the Education Department to provide diversity and inclusion training to department staffers.”

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