Russia Says Donald Trump Has the Right to Try to Buy Greenland

Russia has said President Donald Trump has the right to put an offer on Denmark’s semi-autonomous territory of Greenland.

Reports earlier this month of Trump’s desire to buy the world’s largest island, which lies between North America and Europe, caused a major stir at home and abroad, with U.S. and Danish politicians weighing in. The affair devolved into an international incident last week as Denmark’s rejection and Trump’s reaction strained ties between the two members of the U.S.-led NATO alliance, but Moscow felt the president’s “exotic offer” was justified.

“These two states are sovereign, they can make different offers to each other, respond to them, accept these proposals, they can take any decision they like, this is their right,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told reporters Friday.

She also said she was “astonished” by comments made by Princess Antonia of Schaumburg-Lippe, wife of Danish Queen Margrethe II’s cousin Prince Waldemar, in which she said “the people of Greenland should and can decide about their own destiny.” Zakharova asked “why didn’t we hear the same thing some five years ago” in relation to the Ukrainian territory of Crimea’s internationally-disputed vote to join Russia in 2014 amid unrest.

Full article at: Newsweek

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