Free Chat Friday, Week 35

In Memoriam of Disqus

Happy Last Free Chat Friday before the Disqpocalypse everyone! I wanted to take a trip down memory lane of Disqus…I didn’t have the time to make ANOTHER trailer…

I remember way back when I was introduced (via Ms G and Leslei) to my online BFF and “creator” 😜 Your Coccyx. After viewing how she skillfully handled trolls, I was inspired to create a thread that even had the “hire ups” dying of laughter.

It was entitled: “Types of Disqus Posters”

I think I named 3 types…There was:

The Cry Baby

“This poster likes to run from one channel to another screaming into the empty void of why they’re banned from another channel…talking about planting your new garden? Nope the Cry baby is going to whine about their ban from some channel you never even knew existed…”

The Faker

“This poster LOVES everyone and everything you post!!

…Oh you think Muslims are a huge concern?! Whatever makes you happy! Want a hug? I wuv you. Loves your avi!”


The Flirt

“Not be confused with the Faker…This poster isn’t even reading what you’re typing out. They begin most comments with ‘hi sug’ or ‘heey sweat pee’ (that is an actual comment someone posted) and end it with ‘logging out thinking of you’ ‘sweet dreams’ …Disqus swipe left!

…Now it’s your turn

In honor of Disqus finally ending I wanted to give everyone a chance to talk about their “favorite” type of poster or favorite threads and channels to visit. Happy Free Chat Friday everyone!

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