Over 100,000 Votes Missing in Georgia, Mostly from Democrats and Black Folks

Mystery of missing votes deepens as Congress investigates Georgia

Another alarming report of voting machine cuckoldry related to Brian Kemp’s home district per 2018’s Georgia Governor’s race.

There were 159,000 fewer votes in the lieutenant governor’s race than the 3.9 million votes cast for the governor’s race, a 4% drop-off rate. Other statewide races had about 2% fewer votes than the governor’s race. It’s not unusual for voters to skip down-ballot races, but normally there’s a steady decline rather than an exceptional drop in the second-most-prominent contest.

The decline in votes showed up on ballots cast on the state’s electronic voting machines in 101 of Georgia’s 159 counties. On paper absentee ballots, there wasn’t a significant decline in votes cast for lieutenant governor.

In addition, the drop-off in votes grew more extreme in precincts with large African American populations, according to an analysis by TargetSmart, a data-tracking firm affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Source: AJC

Article submitted by: Sheltomlee

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