Albuquerque Taqueria names menu items after Trump’s inflammatory phrases

Ripping off some of Trump’s ‘infamous’ words, Urban Taqueria has received backlash for naming its menu items after some of his popular rally chants and offensive phrases.

The new restaurant feautes tacos that include: “Executive Privilege,” “Bad Hombre,” “The Immigrant” and “Fake News.”

Urban taqueria even features a burrito called, “The Stormy” and another one called “The Wall.”

The owner of the restaurant, Hanif Mohamed, said the menu is ‘edgy,’ but its purpose is to spark conversation during a polarized time in our country.

“Ninety-nine percent of the people who walk in, more than 99 percent, don’t seem to have an issue with it,” Mohamed said. “The menu’s not designed to insult people or hurt people, but it’s just meant to keep the conversation going as to what’s happening around us.


University of New Mexico professor Patricia Perea disagrees and told the restaurant that normalizing Trump’s offensive phrases insults entire communities and can be dangerous because they have sparked hate.

“It seems fun, it seems like you can make fun of this and maybe make it lighthearted, but you really can’t, you’re offending a whole community,” Perea said. “It’s normalizing the terms and potentially turning them into funny or humorous terms, and the more that you do that, the more likely people are to repeat them and perhaps forget the contexts in which they were said.”

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