Rep. Steve King: ‘I drank from a toilet and it was pretty good.’

Rep. Steve King (Idiot-Iowa) told his audience at a recent town hall that when he toured a migrant detention center, he drank out of the toilet and it was pretty tasty.

“I actually went into that cell where it was reported that [migrants] were advised they had to drink out of the toilet. I took a drink out of there. And actually pretty good!”

“There’s these toilets in these prisons [that] are stainless steel. They’re built so that they are semi-indestructible by the inmates that are there and in the back where the lid would be on our toilet, that’s also sealed,” King added. “It’s not drinking out of the toilet, it’s drinking out of the water fountain that’s integral with the back of the toilet.”

What King referred to was not actually drinking straight out of the toilet but from a faucet that is attached to the back of the toilet.

Alexandria Ovcasio Cortez (AO) has said in the past that detainees told her that they had to drink directly from the toilet bowl because the fancy fountains attached to them were broken.

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