Liveblog - Lords agree to push through bill preventing no deal by end of Friday

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The House of Lords has agreed to get the Benn bill ruling out a no-deal Brexit through all stages of parliament before it is suspended by Boris Johnson.

Around 1.30am on Thursday following late-night debate, peers were told it had been agreed that the bill – which has been passed by rebel Tories and opposition MPs in the Commons – would be returned to the lower house by 5pm on Friday, ruling out the prospect of attempts at a filibuster.

It could then be voted on again by MPs on Monday and presented for royal assent, the Lords heard. Peers are set to debate the Benn bill itself and amendments on Thursday.

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    In a no-deal scenario, the UK would immediately leave the European Union (EU) with no agreement about the “divorce” process. For the full story on the potential repercussions of a no-deal Brexit read more at BBC UK

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    BBC host Andrew Neil also revealed Downing Street told him that “under no circumstances will Mr Johnson implement an extension.

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