Trump shows altered hurricane map to include Alabama

After claiming that Hurricane Dorian could jeopardize the state of Alabama and then the National Weather Service issuing a statement correcting his blunder, Trump showed an altered map of the hurricane’s path to the press today. The altered map conveniently came “with a sharpie to falsely extend the official forecast toward Alabama so he didn’t have to admit he was wrong in a tweet.”

Trump showed the obviously altered map during an Oval Office press briefing on Hurricane Dorian and diverting FEMA funds to the border.

He defended his administrations decision to divert FEMA funds by telling reporters that resources needed to respond to damage Hurricane Dorian could cause were much less that originally anticipated. He also said the funds were more needed at the border.

“We’re using much less here than we anticipated. … Originally this was going to be a direct hit into Miami,” Trump told reporters during an Oval Office briefing on the hurricane.

“We need help at the border,” he added.

The Hill:

UPDATE: Trump offers up a huge helping of word salad when called out for his stupid stunt.

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