Wing Nut Watch: Trump administration to “Bring Back the Bulb!”

In 2007, Congress passed legislation meant to help boost lighting efficiency and save energy.  The law never banned any particular lightbulb; it simply boosted energy efficiency and saved consumers money on their energy bills.

After years of bi-partisan support, the right wing freaked out and expressed outrage over the law. They accused the government of “overreach” and “nanny-state” tactics.  Of course, all outrage and controversy over the energy efficient lightbulbs occurred during the Obama era. 

On Tuesday, the Department of Energy (DOE) finalized a policy that will roll back the Obama-era efficiency for lightbulbs and “Bring Back the Bulb”

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), DOE’s new policy to eliminate the old policy will “ eliminates efficiency standards for about half of the six billion light bulbs used in US homes and businesses. The rule rolls back a 2017 light bulb definition that would expand the standards to cover the full range of bulb shapes and sizes used in our homes, including candle- and globe-shaped bulbs, candelabra-based bulbs, and reflector bulbs used in ceiling fixtures or track lighting.”

DOE also issued a proposed determination designed to eliminate the 2020 standards for “A-lamps,” the pear-shaped bulbs that make up the other half of light bulbs. According to DOE, this notice — if finalized— would prevent automatic standards enacted by Congress in 2007 from taking effect. “

The Appliance Standards Awareness Project (ASAP), an organization that works to promote energy efficiency in appliances, equipment, and lighting standards, claims “Bring Back the Bulb” will cost consumers billions of dollars in savings over a period of five years and eliminate 115K jobs the Bush/Obama era standards would have possibly created.

More than likely, the Trump administration’s latest attempt to “Make America Great Again” will end up in court.

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