The Oakland Raider have released WR Antonio Brown who then signs with the Patriots.

A follow-up to a current News Views article:

After sending third and fifth round draft choices to the Pittsburg Steelers in March for the rights to WR Antonio Brown, the Raiders have released him.

The Raiders wiped out more than $29 million in guaranteed money under Brown’s contract with the team but Brown asked to be released. Earlier today, the Raiders let him go.

The move avoids any chance at Termination Pay, which would have potentially entitled Brown to $14.625 million if he were on the Week One roster. A fight surely is looming over the attempt to invalidate Brown’s guaranteed money.

In the last few months:

• Brown got his feelings hurt over then teammate Pittsburg QB Ben Roethlisberger’s comment that blamed Brown for an interception in a game played last November.

• Brown forced a trade that landed him with the Raiders last March.

• In May, he threw another snit because the league decertified his longtime helmet; the snit continued through training camp and the pre-season.

• In August, Antonio managed to get his feet frostbitten because of improper footwear in the cryotherapy chamber.

• In September, Brown got into a confrontation with GM Mike Mayock. He reportedly threatened to hit the GM in the face and called him a “cracker.”

• Brown posts a youtube video of a private phone call he had with Coach Gruden.

• Brown finds out that the Raiders are fining him over $200,000, which voided the $29 million in guarantees in the contract. Brown asks for his release; the Raiders accommodate him.

• Antonio Brown signs a one year contract with the New England Patriots for a reported $15 million with a $9 million guarantee.

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