Congress returns from vacation, loaded legislative plate

Congress convenes Monday with a hefty legislative to-do list, facing limited time and potential partisan land mines — including a possible push by House Democrats to impeach President Trump.

Items to address:

  • Bill to fund the government: A government shutdown is quite possible if Congress does not pass something by September 30. Leaders will probably pass a short-term bill to buy more time to negotiate a deal.
  • Tighter gun restrictions.
  • Trade policies.
  • Prescription drug pricing

The House will also vote to “normalize procedures for a growing impeachment inquiry, clarifying its investigative authorities and granting President Trump new due process.”

The New York Times has obtained a draft copy of what the House Judiciary Committee plans to do. The Committee has already “informed several federal courts and the public that it in the midst of a full-scale impeachment inquiry.”

The House will investigate the following:

  • Trump’s role in illegal hush money payoffs to women he allegedly had affairs with.
  • Offering pardons to immigration officials in the event of any criminal activity committed while building a small portion of his vanity wall.
  • Profiting off of government spending at his hotels and resorts.

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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