Mitch McConnell waiting for a gun bill Trump will sign, not theatrics

Without providing any details, “Leader” McConnell claimed the White House is working on gun legislation Trump will support and sign into law.  The senate leader also stated he will not hold a vote on any gun proposal bills unless it has Trump’s endorsement. Everything else surrounding the gun debate is “theatrics.”

According to Bloomberg,  the House Judiciary Committee met on Tuesday to advance three measures, including legislation to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines that allow rapid firing without reloading. Yet the GOP-controlled Senate still hasn’t acted on legislation the House passed in February to expand federal criminal background checks of gun purchasers, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave little indication that he’s willing to consider new proposals.

The three items of legislation the House worked on must be the “theatrics” McConnell referred to in his comments to the press.

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