Liz Cheney: ‘The world is safer under Trump.’

F. Chuck Todd gave Liz Cheney a platform on Meet the Press this morning to spew her ‘inherited from her father,’ rhetoric. According to Cheney, the world is a much safer place under Trump’s ‘leadership.’

“[We’re] in a situation where American leadership has come back,” she said, saying that under former President Obama the military “did not get the resources it needed.” 

Cheney also double-downed on her recent dispute with Sen. Rand Paul. The two congresscritters recently engaged in a feisty Twitter exchange with one another over Trump’s foreign policy. She also accused Paul of “supporting terrorists and referring to him as a ‘big loser.‘”

F. Chuck Todd asked Cheney if calling someone pro-terrorist was a ” little overboard.” Cheney did not walk back her comments.

“Look, I think if you look back at what Senator Paul has said over many, many years, he’s very different from where President Trump is on these issues. President Trump puts America first. Senator Paul, whenever given the opportunity, blames America first. If you look at what he said about why we were attacked on 9/11, if you look at what he’s said — he’s blamed America even for World War II. President Trump doesn’t believe that. Senator Paul does. And look, I think fundamentally at the end of the day, this is about substance and policy.”


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