Manhattan DA’s Office subpoenas Trump’s tax returns

Manhattan District Attorney’s office has subpoenaed Trump’s accountants demanding they turn over eight years worth of his person tax filings. 

“The subpoena includes a range of tax documents from the accounting firm, Mazars USA, including Mr. Trump’s personal returns and those of his business, the Trump Organization. The subpoena seeks federal and state returns for both the president and the company dating back to 2011, the people said.” 

The subpoena is part of the DA’s criminal investigation into what role Trump and his businesses played in hush-money incidents. They’re looking specifically into whether one of Trump’s companies claimed the payoff as a business expense, which in NY could be crime.

According to The New York Times, falsifying a business record constitutes as a felony if done to commit another crime or with the intent of covering up a past crime, such as tax violations or bank fraud.

Even if the DA’s office is successful in obtaining the records, they may not become public because of “secrecy rules governing grand juries.”  However, they could be made public if the records became evidence in a criminal case.

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