Trump suggests the House Judiciary Committee investigate Obama book, Netflix deals

It’s unclear what specifically set off Trump this time but once again, he suggested the government investigate his perceived, political adversaries, the Obamas.

Since leaving office, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have “inked the reportedly “high 8-figure” deal with Netflix and a joint book deal reportedly worth $65 million. The Obamas have launched a number of projects with Netflix already, including a documentary about a factory opening in Ohio and a drama about post WWII New York.”

Trump called for investigating the Obama’s post-White House endeavors before. In June, Trump suggested the government “look into the Obamas the way they’ve looked into me…”

Fun Facts:

The House Judiciary Committee has not given up on any investigations related to Trump. “Last week, it voted to expand its impeachment investigation, and moved to obtain former special counsel Robert Mueller’s most sensitive materials, including evidence and testimony from a grand jury.”



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