How one school teaches students, including kindergarten, about active shooters

Amelia Guana is 5 years old.She believes in superheroes, but she also wonders about “a bad guy coming” to her school.“That’s why we have lock out,” said the girl, wearing an orange flower headband.

In a classroom filled with smiling and giggling children, art work on the walls and brightly colored chairs, a new reality unfolded recently for Amelia and the kindergartners of Pinnacle Charter School outside Denver — a drill to help them deal with the specter of an active shooter.

Amelia’s kindergarten teacher, Tara Martin, has been at Pinnacle for eight years. She says the training has made her and her kids as safe as possible, but says she has seen how the threat of a school shooting weighs on young minds.

“It was right after we had a lockdown at our school and they asked if they were going to die,” Martin said. “It makes me want to cry I it. It gets you right in the heart, and you know just thinking that a 5-year-old can picture themselves have been in a situation where they’re going to die or somebody’s going to kill them is very traumatizing to you.”


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