Edward Snowden interviewed by FreshAir, NPR


With the release of his memoir, Edward Snowden  speaks with FreshAir, NPR on Tuesday before the US government announced it would go after his book profits because it did not undergo standard review.

some of the things discussed

  • having left hong kong passing through russia, stopped in the airport, approached by russian operatives about cooperating.
  • asylum requests, usa pressure on any country that considered granting asylum
  • childhood, private contractor [privatization of govt]
  • ***USA-NSA vs what chinese government is doing***
  • ***chose upholding constitution over nsa, 4th amendment violations; resigned from an operative position, went back to a corporate position***
  • why he did what he did, why not inspector general route, why/what rules did he set for the 3 journalists that he showed the materials
  • *going out in public; smartphones, why he removes the mic from his phone*
  • hopes to return to the usa, judicial proceeding rules

FreshAir Snowden –text– summary and interview highlights

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