Trump officially ends CA’s Tailpipe Waiver

Under the Trump administration’s Safer, Affordable, Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles Rule, the Department of Transportation and EPA announced their new policy called, “One National Program Rule,” which grants the federal government sole authority in setting car emission standards. 

Using this newly, self-gifted authority, the Trump administration officially revoked CA’s tailpipe waiver .  This is the first time in the 50 year history of Clean Air Act that a waiver has ever been revoked.

EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler issued a statement: “One national standard provides much-needed regulatory certainty for the automotive industry and sets the stage for the Trump Administration’s final SAFE rule that will save lives and promote economic growth by reducing the price of new vehicles to help more Americans purchase newer, cleaner, and safer cars and trucks,”

The Hill:

Undoubtedly, CA will sue the Trump administration, again, just adding to the growing stacks of other legal issues the state has with the current admin.

Go deeper:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom slammed the Trump administration and Republicans for their “complete silence on state’s rights, but also free enterprise” in light of President Donald Trump’s decision to curtail state-set emissions standards.

“Federalism be damned; state rights, 10th Amendment be damned; Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon be damned,” Newsom said Wednesday when asked why he thought a Republican administration was exerting its power over a state-level decision — traditionally a cornerstone of conservative policy.

They’d be rolling in their graves right now of what the Republican administration is doing,” Newsom said. “And moreover, what the Republican Party is doing — complicit, complete silence on state’s rights, but also free enterprise.”


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