In a few swing states, assembly lines aren’t ‘roaring.’

In August, Trump spoke to workers at Royal Dutch Shell Plc in Pennsylvania and claimed that assembly lines in their state were ‘roaring.’ Unsurprising to anyone who has tracked the number of lies Trump has told since taking office, he lied to them.

In fact, two states critical to Trump’s re-election, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, have both seen job losses in manufacturing.

According to Bloomberg: The two swing states lostthe most manufacturing jobs in the past 12 months, bucking the national trend. In Pennsylvania, home to steel mills, the number of factory positions fell by about 8,000 and in Wisconsin the loss was just over 5,000, according to regional data from the Labor Department Friday.


  • US added 138,000 manufacturing jobs in the last 12 months
  • Only 44,000 jobs in 2019, which is almost over.
  • US added 454,000 manufacturing jobs in 2017 and 2018.
  • Ohio added 5,000 manufacturing jobs
  • Michigan added almost manufacturing 2,000

Across the country, manufacturing has suffered because of Trump’s Trade War with China and global demand has slowed down.

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