Biden campaign tests anti ‘Medicare for All’ message

Survey devises how to trick people into opposing single-payer systems

A Biden linked firm, Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, is polling Democrats on Medicare for All. Initially, 70% favor government-run health care versus 21% opposed. The poll found Democrats can be persuaded to oppose Medicare for All by stating the costs of the program and claiming the program threatens Medicare for senior citizens. Biden’s main rivals, Warren and Sanders support Medicare for All and claim most voters would come out financially ahead.

51% of voters found the estimated cost of $3.2 trillion per year to be a convincing argument while only 43% found it not convincing.

Similarly 51% of voters found the argument Medicare for All would “end Medicare as we know it” convincing.

The claim government-run healthcare could increase wait times and access to limited medical supplies also convinced 51% of those polled.


Article submitted by, Vuppe.

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