Rand Paul Attempts to Block Liz Cheney from a Senate Seat

The family feud between the Paul’s and the Cheney’s is heating up with Rand and Liz going at each other in the media.  As Cheney is making a run for a Senate seat, Paul has recruited and is standing behind Cynthia Lummis, a conservative former House member who has jumped in to primary Liz Cheney for an open Senate seat in Wyoming.

Cheney is the #3 Republican in the House and Paul says Wyoming is tired of her family legacy of nation-building abroad, calling her “a never-Trump warmonger.”  Cheney responds by saying Rand Paul has “surrendered to terrorists.”

According to FiveThirtyEight, Paul has voted with Trump 69% of the time, and Cheney 96%.  Early polls in Wyoming show Cheney has a 20 point lead over Lummis in the primary.


Article submitted by, PMSwithESP.

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