Music = Gone Country

Last Weekends Watch: Episode 7 – Ken Burns Country Music Documentary.

A little over two hours long, but sure didn’t seem like it.  Just a fun, nostalgic mix of Classic Country and Outlaw music (circa 1973-83)  Whether you’re an avid Country Music fan (or not) it’s a memory lane spin – on what was happening in the Country and Nashville music scene, during the time.

*Note:  As a bonus, we are “going country.”  Which means, post your Country Music Favorites from then/or now.  I’ll start with one by Rosanne Cash.  She tells the story of how she came to write this song.  It is about her first husband, Rodney Crowell.  They were in a bar on Ventura Blvd. in LA.  She was not happy with him that night.  But, ultimately made a hit song out of a ‘miss’ type of night!   (hint: watch the music doc., for rest of story)

Submitted by, Layne.