School demands 5th graders stop dating

In a letter sent home with students, and Indiana school has informed parents they want students to stop “dating;” the kids are 5th graders.

“To combat students having broken hearts, we have implemented a zero dating policy.”

Students were given Tuesday and Wednesday to make sure that relationships have ended.


Some parents expressed anger over the new policy citing that it’s not up to the school to talk with kids without parental consent.

Other parents agreed with the new policy.

“First of all, that shouldn’t even be going on in school,” said Pam Smith. “Sending a letter home is probably letting the parents know that there is some things going on at school that shouldn’t be. So yeah, sending a letter home is probably a good thing.”

Because of the outrage from parents, the school has decided not to enforce their new policy and emailed parents suggesting they have a talk with their kids about focusing on their school work and friendships.  Teachers believe that “the phrases, ‘zero dating policy’ and the request to ‘end’ relationships misrepresented their intentions.”

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