A Woman Created 369 Fake Instagram Accounts to Harass Her Business Rivals

True Crime

Tammy Steffen, 37 (pictured), from Pasco, Florida, was sentenced to five years in prison for creating 369 fake Instagram accounts to troll rival bodybuilders

The threats came from 369 Instagram accounts and 18 different email addresses. But they were all controlled by one woman.

FBI agents say fitness trainer and mother of four Tammy Steffen used those accounts to unleash a torrent of harassment on her ex-business partner at a Tampa gym and on her competitors in the bodybuilding world.

“I plan to slice you up into little pieces,” read one message sent from an innocuously named Instagram account, catloverexpress. “Your blood shall I taste.”  On Friday, the 37-year-old woman was sentenced to almost five years in prison after pleading guilty to federal charges of cyberstalking and sending threatening communications online.

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