Free Chat, Week 40+ a PSA

In lieu of Rachel’s absence, you’re stuck with me.

Before we get to the fun stuff, I want to address an issue that some of us have encountered. Many of us, including myself, now show on our profiles that we have zero comments made and zero upvotes received. That’s not accurate but it’s reality right now.

I’ve been on Disqus since 2010; don’t tell me I haven’t posted a comment. Get serious.

But, that’s not all of what’s going on here. Overnight, I went from 370K upvotes to nothing. I only care because it affects my Disqus reputation. Meaning: I may struggle to post comments on other websites besides News Views. These inaccurate stats lower your reputation score. Mine reached near 70 but now hovers at the default 1.231755 (Average reputation) or #someotherbullshit. That’s a problem, which dramatically increases the probability of ending up on the pending queue, awaiting some moderator to approve my comments.

Last night, I noticed the same issue happened to many of you. Just know, this is a Disqus’ issue, not a News Views’ issue. So, we have a few options here until Disqus gets off their asses and actually fixes THEIR mess.

  • If you’re so willing, go to Discuss Disqus and voice your opinion, LOUDLY! You’ll see me there because this is bullshit. It’s bullshit because not only does it affect so many people negatively but, moderators get to fish comments out of pending and approve them.
  • It doesn’t sound like much but some of us would rather just post the damn news as opposed to deal with bullshit.

And the other part of all this is as follows: News Views pulled up many of your profiles and added you to our Trusted User list so your comments won’t go to pending, get arbitrarily detected as spam, or whatever other bullshit that can happen.

I’m not perfect and I probably missed some of you so, post a comment on this thread and one of us will either verify you’re on the list or add you to it.

But please—pitchforks, lots of pitchforks.

And now on to the fun stuff. There’s another whistle blower, Trump sucks, it’s fall, downvotes show, and it’s Friday! Be safe.

Happy Friday to all and remember, PITCHFORKS!

Just be nice to the moderators; they have nothing to do with this. Cali and Vuppe are just doing their jobs and both post on this website so be nice to them. They’re volunteers and get tons of bullshit form the Dregs of Disqus.

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