Sometimes, we in the Jewish community have the tendency to see antisemitism where it does not exist

– or at least where it does not probably exist.


Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Rees-Mogg pointed to the investor’s record as a financial contributor to anti-Brexit movements – which was seized upon as an echo of antisemitic tropes of the Jewish puppet master manipulating global politics from the shadows.

People assumed that Mr Rees-Mogg was appealing to racists by pointing out Mr Soros’s political contributions.

I am very disappointed but not surprised that the Jewish Chronicle took the view that opposition to forces behind the growing ultra-nationalists movements in Europe was not combating anti-Semitism because the speaker of those remarks is extremely right wing and extremely anti organised labor.  Sadly we’ve been here before.

There is a history of Zionism getting into bed with nationalism hoping that ‘accepting’ Jews are different to other citizens is a good thing.  It isn’t.

British Jews are British; they aren’t Israelis in waiting.

Likewise, American Jews are Americans and in 1933, no matter what the nationalists said, German Jews were German

Opinion submitted by, Gary.