A Man Who Can Remember Everything

From August:

There is a man in California named Bob Petrella who can remember and recall everything from any day in his life. It’s what is called highly superior autobiographical memory, and there are about 60 cases of it around the world.

“It’s almost like having a time machine, where I can go back to a certain day or a certain period in my life and almost feel like I’m back there. It’s very visceral.”

Petrella explains that it has helped him, particularly in times of grief. He can relive memories of loved ones to feel as if he is still with them.

Others with the same condition find it a hindrance.

Rebecca Sharrock, an Australian woman with the condition, told BBC Future in 2017: “If I’m remembering an incident that happened when I was three, my emotional response to the situation is like a three-year-old, even though my mind and conscience are like an adult.” This disparity can lead to confusion and anxiety.

How is this possible? Scientists theorize that we all have the same information, but some have better abilities to access it.

For more information (that I found fascinating) watch the video in the link here: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20190802-the-man-who-can-remember-every-day-of-his-life?ocid=global_future_rss

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