Giuliani’s Mysterious Trip to Vienna

The day before the arrest of two Ukrainian men, a reporter attempted to schedule an interview with America’s Mayor. A lunchtime date the next day was suggested by Giuliani, noting that he was flying to Vienna, Austria, at night –curiously where the two Ukrainian men were heading before their arrest at Dulles Airport.

Giuliani insisted that Parnas and Fruman were heading to Vienna on matters pertaining to their business, and that he was planning on meeting with them when they returned to Washington. Was there any explanation as to why Giuliani would fly to the same city as the two Ukrainians within 24 hours of their flight, and yet not meet with them in that city?

This morning, Giuliani told me he’d have to reschedule our lunch. I’ve tried to reach him since then, to discuss Parnas’s and Fruman’s arrests, among other things, to no avail. When I called at 3 p.m. ET to ask about his Vienna trip, a woman claiming to be his communications director answered the phone. I have called him more than 100 times over the past year, and this is the first time that has ever happened. She said she’d have to get back to me. As we spoke, I could hear a voice that resembled Giuliani’s shout “asshole” in the background. “Oh, sorry,” the woman told me. “He was talking to the TV.”

Giuliani finally sent me a text message at 4:18 p.m. ET: “I can’t comment on it at this time.”


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