Kurds Strike Deal with Putin and Assad in Syria

A Syrian regime soldier waves the national flag a street in the town of Tal Tamr in Syria’s northeastern Hasakeh province on October 14, 2019. Syrian regime forces moved towards the Turkish border Monday after Damascus reached a deal with Kurdish forces.GETTY

Kurdish-led forces in north-eastern Syria have struck a deal with Russia and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in an effort to repel Turkey’s march into the country—as upwards of 750 Islamic State militants (ISIS) escaped from detention centers and more criticism was heaped on U.S. President Donald Trump.

When Trump announced U.S. troops would be withdrawn from Syria’s north east last week, seemingly giving the green light for a Turkish invasion, he was accused of betraying the Kurds—a longtime American ally in staving off ISIS in the region—and a number of experts and analysts warning that the move would give the minority group no choice but to negotiate with Russia and Assad.

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