A “Rude” Encounter Between Susan Collins and a Voter

Could it end the 4 term Senator's career?

Erik Mercer, a Maine social worker, unexpectedly found himself in the same airport terminal as Collins.  What started as a civil conversation between a concerned voter and his elected representative has become a catalyst for what may ultimately bring down her hopes for re-election.  Mercer approached Collins and asked if they could chat, a request she readily agreed to. However, when he pressed her on issues like supporting Kavanaugh, whether she backed the impeachment of Trump and a bevy of other issues, Mercer says Collins stonewalled him, refusing to take a position or answer for her voting record.

When their conversation stalled, the two “agreed to disagree”.  However, Mercer says he then overheard Collins on the jet-bridge saying how “rude” he was in their exchange.  Afterward, Mercer says he couldn’t stop thinking about their interaction and how bothered Collins seemed to be by simply having to address a voter from the state she represents. “I’ve been thinking, if she’s bothered by my tone, then where’s her outrage over the president?”

So, Mercer took out a full-page ad in the Portland Press Herald…..

Press Herald:


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