“Münchhausen syndrome by proxy:” Mother charged with daughter’s death

For several years, Kelly Renee Turner claimed her six year old daughter was terminally ill and even helped the little girl create a bucket list.  Now, authorities have charged Turner with 13 felonies, including the murder of her child.  They have also charged her with defrauding Medicaid to the tune of more than $538,000 and ripping off two foundations that grant wishes for dying children.

“The 2017 death of Olivia Gant, a 7-year-old whose “bucket list” of final wishes evoked heart-touching news stories, wasn’t the result of multiple diseases – it was a murder carried out by her mother, according to a grand jury indictment unsealed Monday. “

But the indictment paints a much more sinister picture: Multiple doctors who didn’t believe Olivia was terminally ill battling a mother who was so persuasive that she convinced one of the physicians to sign a “do not resuscitate” order and ultimately withdrew all of her daughter’s medical care – including what is known as Total Parenteral Nutrition, which provided nourishment through an intravenous line.

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