VP Pence’s Big Brother Greg Pence is in Closed-Door Impeachment Depositions

First term Representative Greg Pence from Indiana is sitting behind closed doors in the impeachment depositions as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, one of the three committees leading the impeachment inquiry. He has had access to all of the testimonies of the officials being questioned on the Ukraine relations that sparked the inquiry.

When asked if Pence should recuse himself because of his relationship with the vice president, Rep. Adam Schiff’s office deferred to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which then declined to comment. Several Democratic lawmakers told BuzzFeed News they didn’t realize the representative served on the committee.

The elder Pence has flown under the radar of the impeachment inquiry, stating on Twitter when Speaker Pelosi announced she was moving forward with impeachment investigations that “It seems the #ImpeachmentAgenda is more important than the American People.”

Pence won his congressional district with 65% of the vote in 2018.

Greg Pence came under fire immediately following his campaign when he spent $7,600 in campaign funds at the Trump International Hotel in the first few months after his election, although Congress members are supposed to pay for their own living accommodations in DC. Pence’s team later changed the filings to say the money went to “fundraising event costs,” which is allowed under campaign finance laws.

Pence normally votes with the Republican agenda, but this month he sided with the minority of Republicans who voted against the resolution that opposed the removal of troops from Syria. A bipartisan group supported the resolution to oppose Trump on the issue.