Secret Service Agent to VP Harris Hospitalized Following “Distressing Behavior”

A female U.S. Secret Service agent assigned to VP Kamala Harris was “exhibiting distressing behavior” and was later hospitalized following a physical provocation at Joint Base Andrews.

The agent was immediately handcuffed and detained by other Secret Service agents who intervened, sources said, and ambulances were called to the scene.


Harris was not present at the time, and was at her Naval Observatory residence before a flight to Wisconsin was scheduled. The incident occured about an hour before her arrival.

From RealClearPolitics:

The Secret Service agent assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris was removed from her duties Wednesday after physically attacking the commanding agent in charge and other agents trying to subdue her, according to an agency spokesman and knowledgeable Secret Service sources.

Several sources in the Secret Service community identified the agent who physically attacked her superior as Michelle Herczeg. 

Herczeg showed up at the terminal and began acting erratically, grabbing another senior agent’s personal phone and deleting applications on it, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The other agent, a shift leader, was able to recover his phone and then acted as if nothing had happened.

She then began mumbling to herself, hid behind curtains, and started throwing items, including menstrual pads, at an agent, telling him that he would need them later to save another agent and telling her peers that they were “going to burn in hell and needed to listen to God,” a source told RealClearPolitics.

Herczeg screamed at the special agent in charge (SAIC), naming other female agents who would arrive as allies. Other agents were concerned she was having a mental lapse, and the SAIC approached her to remove her from duty.

And that’s when…

…Herczeg chest-bumped and shoved her superior, then tackled him and punched him. The agents involved in restraining Herczeg were especially concerned because she still had her gun in the holster. They wrestled her to the ground, took the gun from her, and cuffed her.